When a disaster strikes, will you be ready?


Disaster recovery and relief expert Leann Hackman-Carty knows that many different levels of emergency preparedness exist. To truly be prepared for the unexpected, you need to form a plan for your family, your business, and your entire community.


The Master Your Disaster series of guidebooks allows you to do just that. Hackman-Carty uses several real-world scenarios to help you visualize your own vulnerabilities and “Stand APART.” By following the steps of this simple acronym and Hackman-Carty’s other insightful advice, you will learn how to assess risk, plan your response, activate the plan, recover successfully, and template your activity into an easy-to-follow format.


Disaster recovery is not an individual effort. Hackman-Carty’s work can help you start dialogues within your community, your business—even within your own family—about the best ways to keep everyone safe in the event of a major emergency.  Don’t wait—the time is now!

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